Ropossum V1 is now Open-Sourced!


I’ve taken the decision to make Ropossum, my authoring tool for generating content for physics-based game, open-sourced! It’s the version of late 2012-early 2013, not my latest work. But it’s a great version nonetheless!

You can get the physics-engine, CRUST, now on github.


An Agent to Solve Cut the Rope – First Attempt – Simulation-based Approach

I know I should’ve published this while ago, but, anyway. This video is about my first agent to solve Cut the Rope levels in late 2012 – early 2013, the Simulation-based approach. My later attempts with newer, more clever agents would minimise the time it takes the agent to solve the level from about 30 sec for the simulation-based approach to 0.1 sec for the projection agent for instance. Read more on my website:

Reactive Music Canvas – إظهار الموسيقا بشكل محسوس

بدك “تشوف” الموسيقا؟
ما بعرف تماماً شو طلع معي. بس المهم إنو “شي” بيأرجيك الموسيقا.

‪#‎Music‬ ‪#‎Visualisation‬. A “breathing” concrete. A Reactive Music Canvas. Call it what you want. The nice thing about it is that it’s coded in a couple of hours and I love the result and how it “breathes” music. Hope you like it too!

GGBox: Time Shifts – Pre-Alpha Footage + Playable Demo – لعبة موسيقا جديدة!

GGBox: Time Shifts لعبة موسيقية جديدة، وتطوير عن نسخة GGBox بنسخة تجريبية يمكن أن تلعبها الآن على متصفحك فوراً!
ألق نظرة على التريلر ضمن البوست، إلعبها وأخبرني برأيك!
رابط اللعبة هنا والتريلر هنا.

GGBox: Time Shifts, is an evolution of the GGBox prototype with time shifting. It’s a rhythm-based, procedurally generated, survival, against the time, game. This is a crazy early development build, but you need to taste!
Play a demo here!

Two new prototypes are available for free play!

So I’ve just started working on a new game and I loved it so much that I can’t wait to show it to you even as a prototype. Both prototypes are seeded from the same initial work. The games are unnamed yet, but code-named, just an added confusion I know, GGBox and GGBoxTT, crazy names I do know. I’m just throwing some ideas and see where it is going. Play them for free inside your browser on my website and let me know what you think, probably best on twitter these days.

GGBox is a procedurally generated, music game, controlling a Box trying to survive a level, pretty simple stuff for now.


GGBoxTT adds time scale manipulation to the formula. So, you are controlling both the box AND the time to better survive the savage black eaters! I loooove time scale in games and the result is absolutely gorgeous!


Love u all, have fun!

[Master Thesis] Ultra Fast, Cross Genre, Procedural Content Generation in Games

In my MSc. thesis last year, June 2015, I have re-tackled the problem of procedurally generating content for physics-based games I have previously investigated in my BSc. graduation thesis. This time around I propose two novel methods: the first is projection based for faster generation of physics-based games content. The other, The Progressive Generation, is a generic, wide-range, across genre, customisable with playability check method all bundled in a fast progressive approach. This new method is applied on two completely different games: NEXT And Cut the Rope.

And a Ropossum video here:

#SyncSeven, my newest game on Android!

Hi again! After a while!

I’m very happy to introduce my latest game on Android, #‎SyncSeven.

The game is a procedurally generated music game. It’s about enchanting your visual perception, feelings and musical taste! Just sync your taps with turns generated according to the peaks in the music. The more rapid the music the faster you should be, it’s the black and white Burst Mode! A bit hard at first, but the more you play, the more you will feel the music, and the more you’ll enjoy.

Now FREE on Google Play here And a trailer here.

Enjoy! Feedback welcomed!